Happy New Year: But Where Are the Christmas Presents?

The year 2018 is to be over soon. Christmas is over, but there is no Jakarta EE for a Christmas present –  the Jakarta EE release is postponed to January 2019. Not even Jersey 2.28 is released. While it may seem so – the GitHub repository already contains tag and branch 2.28 – the tag and branch are erased and recreated again, from time to time.

This is confusing, but it actually is how the Jakarta release is planned. In order to minimize the effort to release Jakarta EE, this one time only, each project is staged with a final version, so that any other project depending on it can immediately have a reference to the project, without a need to update the version in dependency list every time the project is updated. Each project is possibly staged a couple of times, with git tag and branch updated.

It has some advantages, but it goes against the maven intention. Without comparing all the pros and cons, it is obvious the community can be under an impression that the 2.28 is final already. I am really sorry for the confusion, it is not only Jersey related, it is Jakarta EE wide, caused by good intentions of trying the release to be as fast and smooth as possible.

The final release will be well announced, of both Jakarta EE and Jersey (by email, twitter, blog…). Jersey will merge GitHub EE4J_8 branch to master. And Jersey and Eclipse Glassfish will be available in maven central.

Enjoy what’s left of 2018, Very Happy New Year, and best wishes to Jakarta EE in 2019.

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