What’s going on with Jersey

Jersey is on a journey to the Eclipse Foundation. There are some consequences, unfortunately, the visible activity around the project is not great. The number of open issues is growing. New pull requests are not accepted. All because of the work being done on the donation.

But we are getting to the final. Jersey 2.27 is going to be released soon, it is legally approved for the transition to the Foundation which happens next, and then hurray! Long live Eclipse Jersey!

The Jersey code is going to be pushed to EE4J repository. The issues and PRs are going to be migrated, too. The commit history, branches, and tags are of course not donated (imagine the legal code validation needed for every commit, every tag and branch – it would take a lifetime to process through). Those will remain in current GitHub repository – which will be for reading only – any new commits and issues should go to the new Eclipse Jersey repository.

Eclipse Jersey needs to pass through legal CQ process, build infrastructure (CI/CD) needs to be set up, and that’s it, work can get started!

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