Very Merry Christmas with Jersey 2.33

Jersey 2.33 is out! As usually, right before Christmas we put together as many fixes and new features as possible to deliver new Jersey for you, the Jersey customers.

During the work on Jersey 2.33, we already delivered Jersey 3.0.0, which kept us busy, and there not as many changes as usual for a regular release. Jersey 2.33 contains mainly fixes and we were thinking about a service 2.32.1 release.

There is one significant change in Jersey 2.33, however. We decided to make JAX-B API optional. When there is JAX-B API among dependencies on the classpath, it works as ever. However, if it is not there, Jersey prints a warning, but would not fail. Please make sure you add the JAX-B dependency if you need it, from now on.

We decided on this for multiple reasons. We register requests for this change from microservices guys who try to make the application the smallest possible and they do not use JAX-B or WADL. They also customize their JDK not to contain javax.xml and javax.awt modules and we made them optional. And it is the future of Jakarta RESTful Web Services, too. The next version of the Specification will mandate the JAX-B dependency optional.

For the complete list of changes, check the Jersey 2.33 release details. As always, we are happy to hear your feedback. If any issue is found, contact us on our issue tracker, or just send us an email about how you like Jersey.

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